An Introduction to the Bible – Nicholas Lebish


An Introduction to the Bible

«An Introduction to the Bible» This bible course is based on the following two books: «Walking with God» by Jeff Cavins and Dr. Tim Gray, and «A Father Who Keeps His Promises» by Dr. Scott Hahn. It was taught live by Nicholas Lebish at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Manchester, NH. This Bible study is part of an overall program for Adult Faith Formation & Evangelization.

 Lesson 1.1: The Bible and the Church

Lesson 1.2: Jeff Cavins’ Bible Timeline

Lesson 2.1: The Early World

Lesson 2.2: The Early World

Lesson 3.1: The Patriarchs

Lesson 3.2: The Patriarchs

Lesson 4.1: Egypt and the Exodus

Lesson 4.2: Egypt and the Exodus

Lesson 5.1: Desert Wanderings

Lesson 5.2: Desert Wanderings

Lesson 6.1: Conquest and Judges

Lesson 6.2: Conquest and Judges

Lesson 7.1: United Kingdom

Lesson 7.2: United Kingdom

Lesson 8.1: Divided Kingdom

Lesson 8.2: Divided Kingdom

Lesson 9.1: Exile and Return

Lesson 9.2: Exile and Return

Lesson 10: The Maccabean Revolt

Review of the Old Testament

This is an overview of the previous lessons on the Old Testament


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